About Dylan Blue

Dylan Blue was born and raised in Manhattan; at age 9 he booked his first supporting lead role in Just Like the Son, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Shortly after, he accepted a lead role in Deck the Halls, as Mathew Broderick and Kristin Davis's son, alongside Danny Devito and Kristin Chenowith.  He won the Young Actor's Award for Best Young Actor in a feature film under 10.  Following that, he worked on several TV shows, working directly with Parker Posey, Michael J. Fox and Kelsey Grammar.  In 2010, Dylan landed a lead role in Comedy Central's "Big Lake", produced by Will Ferrell and co-starring Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz.  After an appearance on Law and Order: SVU, Dylan secured a recurring role alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman on a Showtime series called Happyish in 2014. Soon after, Dylan booked a lead role alongside Thomas Mann in "The Preppie Connection".  In 2016, Dylan booked a cameo in "Patti Cake$ premiered at Sundance.  More recently, Dylan's been focusing on creating his own content and honing his craft.  He's been a student at the Barrow Group of which he's recently been selected for Seth Barrish's Masterclass.  He's always interested in collaboration, and doesn't bite!

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